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Make Your Wedding Truly Unique!

Make your wedding's cocktail hour or reception truly unique with a Raptor Jawns station! 

Your guests can enjoy these beautiful creatures while strolling about your venue, dropping by to ask questions, enjoying an intimate view of the birds, or taking a selfie! While our station can be set up at any venue indoors or outside, it's an especially good fit for couples who want nature to be a featured part of their wedding and want something memorable to entertain guests during the cocktail hour or reception. 

Raptor Jawns is fully licensed and insured - licenses and Certificate of Insurance available on request.

While photos of and next to the birds are welcome and encouraged, guests are not able to touch or handle the birds at any time.



Pricing is determined by how many hours you wish to book the birds, how many guests will be at your wedding, and the location of your venue.

$600/hour - weddings of up to 100 guests 

$700/hour - weddings of up to 150 guests

$800/hour - weddings of up to 200 guests

There is an additional travel fee of $100 per hour of driving time from area code 19139. There is no travel fee for wedding venues within an hour's drive.

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