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Services and Pricing

Raptor Jawns offers two styles of presentation depending on the needs of your group or event. For timed presentations or parties with 30 or fewer individuals, a demonstration is the best fit. For large groups of people, Raptor Jawns offers a tabled, stationary presentation where people can drop in to learn about the birds on their own timeline. 

Programs for up to 30 people

​This style program is a good fit for...

  • A birthday / graduation / any small party

  • An intimate present for a raptor enthusiast

  • PreK-12 education, homeschooling, or scouts

  • Photographers interested in birds or wildlife

For smaller groups or parties, Raptor Jawns shows the birds to the audience one at a time, allowing for a close-up, intimate experience with both Medea and Hecate in turn. The presenter will share information about each bird’s natural history and biology and answer any questions from the audience that arise. The runtime for this type of demonstration is typically 40-70 minutes depending on the ages, attention spans, interest, and comfort of the audience.

Tabled programs for large groups

​This style program is a good fit for...

  • Wedding receptions and cocktail hours

  • Fundraising events

  • Festivals and fairs

  • Any drop-in style event with a larger crowd

For large gatherings or events during which guests will come and go throughout the duration, Raptor Jawns can set up a display table to exhibit each bird safely at the same time. The presenter will tell guests about the birds as they approach and answer questions over the course of the event, and participants have the option to stay by the table to view the birds and learn about them for as much or as little of the event as they would like.

While photos of and next to the birds are welcome and encouraged, participants are not able to touch or handle the birds at any time.


Pricing varies depending on the type, size, and location of your event. Please include these details - particularly the location and size of event - with your booking inquiry. Events over 10 miles from the Cobbs Creek neighborhood of Philadelphia will incur an additional fee for travel time. A $50 deposit is required to hold your date and time, and is non-refundable in the event of cancelation due to inclement weather or another conflict. 


Demonstrations for up to 20 participants - $200

Demonstrations for up to 30 participants - $300


If you are booking Raptor Jawns for tabling an event or a demonstration for over 30 people, please include more information in your inquiry about the type and style of event you are hosting.

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